Reformation Day

"A Mighty Fortress is Our God . . ."

Click here to listen to Reformation Day - 08 - Sermon on John 8:31-36. This sermon was preached on the Wednesday before Oct. 31, at the 7 p.m. Mass.

Click here to listen to the readings appointed for Reformation Day, as they were chanted at Good Shepherd Lutheran during the Mass on the transferred observance of Reformation Day. Our pastor does not always chant the readings, but at the Mass for our observance of the Reformation this year, he did. The gift of incense was also employed. The chanting of God's Word is a salutary practice observed historically by Lutherans and other Christians of the catholic tradition. Far from wanting to be conformed to the pattern of this world, Good Shepherd Lutheran invites you to come and be transformed by the renewing of your minds (Rom. 12:1-2).

Nota Bene: The quotes at the beginning of the above sermon were actually sent out by districts in the LC-MS, indicating the severity of problems now facing our church body. Amongst us may be found those who practice open communion and who engage in ecumenical and unionistic worship. Some appear to be tolerant of or outright proponents of the ordination of women. Contrary to our own Confessions, there are those among us who publicly preach, teach and administer the Sacraments without a regular call to serve as an ordained Minister of the Word and Sacraments. The first quote cited in the above sermon indicates the negative attitude of our church leaders toward those who would remain faithful to the doctrine and practice we have received. The second quote further demonstrates the current method of "testing the waters" or allowing the winds of change to determine the Church's outreach to a fallen world.

One Further Note: The reference to "three years" was incorrect. The Fan into Flame initiative of Ablaze seeks to have congregations raise ten percent of their current budgets over five years in support of initiatives to reach the world by becoming more of what the world, in its dark self-centerdness, desires. Good Shepherd Lutheran, and others in our Synod who are of a similar mind, are far from being the "museum-keepers" stuck in the "rutty ways of the past," as the current proponents of radical and wreckless change in our Synod suggest. We retain the outward forms of the Church which are consistent with the Gospel and aim to warmly and enthusiastically welcome those who desire to leave their selfish and shallow desires for entertainment and pleasure to live instead from the historic, catholic services God renders to and through His Church. We hope and pray that you will join us for the forgiveness of sins richly delivered by God and received by His people at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church & School.