Closed Communion Explained

Often, people are offended at the Church's practice of Closed Communion. It may be that they have never heard of it before. They may have limited experience with congregations and pastors who did not practice it. The resources below are provided to help explain the Church's practice of Closed Communion.

Click here to download a Power Point Presentation from the Nov. 30 session of People Are Strange, a study conducted at Good Shepherd to help people better understand the Church's liturgy and life around God's Word and Sacraments. You will only be able to view this file if you have Power Point on your computer. To view, simply download the file. Open it and view it as a slide show without making any mouse clicks. Mouse clicks will interupt the slide timing and halt automatic progression of slides, though the audio will continue to play. If you interupt the slide timing, you may still advance slides manually as the audio plays. Please note that there are two short video clips on one slide. They will need to be manually clicked in order to view. You may do this outside of the slide show to avoid audio overlap between the video clip's audio and the audio of the class presentation as recorded by Pastor's microphone.

Click here to listen to just the MP3 audio of the above Nov. 30 Power Point Presentation.

Click here to download the next week's Power Point Presentation held on Dec. 8. This week's lesson continued the previous week's. No automatic timings are included in this Power Point file. Use the Audio file below to listen to the class while watching the Presentation and manually advancing the slides.

Click here to listen to an MP3 audio of the Dec. 8 session for the week following the above files. The subject of Closed Communion is further explained as we continue our progression toward the Lord's Table in this study of the Liturgy.

Click here to listen to a Sermon preached on Thanksgiving in which the practice of Closed Communion is helpfully explained.