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Nearly every word we sing in the liturgy is from God's Word. In this way, our hearts are trained as our lips are directed to the Lord. We speak and sing back to God what He has first spoken to us.

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God's Service to Us

We do not gather chiefly to give to God. Rather, God Himself gathers us so that by His Ministry of Preaching, Teaching and the Administration of His Holy Gifts, He may serve us His forgiveness. By this God works faith in us and fervent love toward others.

Catholic and historic

People think our services seem "Catholic." In reality, they are part of that historic Christian tradition which grew out of the Early Church, whose foreshadowings can be seen in the worship of ancient Israel, and which are shared by many today, including Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and those of the Anglican Communion.

Come as you are

We require no dress code, though people tend to dress appropriately for God's House. Please don't ever let the way YOU are prevent you from coming. CHRIST provides the adornment necessary for His Feast!

Transforming - Rom. 12:2

Prepare to feel lost at first, but expect people to help you in a friendly way. Like anything, what's new seems strange. Keep coming, though. Come many times. We do not conform ourselves or our worship to the pattern of this world, and that is why it will seem strange at first. But in the liturgy, God is transforming us by the renewing of our minds!

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Seasonal Services

Ascension Thursday (May 21)

Divine Service at 7 p.m.

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Sunday Divine Services

Every Sunday at 8 & 10:30 a.m.

Our pastor preaches two different sermons each morning.

Bible Class and Sunday School are between services, at 9:15 a.m.

Daily Matins

Monday thru Friday at 8:30 a.m.

When our school is in session.

Wednesday Vespers

Weekly at 7 p.m.

**OUR COMMUNION PRACTICE: Good Shepherd is glad to admit to the altar those who have been baptized, instructed and confirmed in the Faith confessed here, and who are faithfully remaining in that through their regular attendance at this or an altar in communion fellowship with ours. Normally, that would include members in good standing of other LCMS congregations. If you would like to commune here, we are very happy to have you join us. Please understand that admission to this Communion takes some time. You need to get to know us and the faith we profess and how that is lived out in our lives. You won't begin communing immediately, but if you become interested in the Faith which Christ has given to His saints and the way in which Christ gathers His Church to participate in His Divine Liturgy, please speak with our pastor and he will provide instruction so that you may enter into the Communion of saints in this place. It is an exciting, vibrant path which you undertake when you first desire the Blessed Communion of Our Lord! Until you have begun to receive His Saving Body and Blood in the Sacrament, you may come forward and receive a blessing from the pastor at the rail. Also, you may attend all of our services; even more than one on a single Sunday, as our pastor preaches two different sermons each week and you will be learning and growing in the Faith with each one. You may also attend Pastor's Bible Class on Sundays and pray Matins and Vespers with us throughout the week. At Wednesday Vespers, pastor's preaching is often more of a Bible Study, so you will be growing deeply through all of this. Special classes for admission to Communion begin in August of each year and culminate with baptisms and confirmations at the Easter Vigil.

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We are located in the Ross Barnet area of Northwest Rankin County, Mississippi, around 11 miles to the east of Jackson.

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If you have questions about our communion practice, please call and speak to our pastor at (601) 992-4752, or email him. Or simply talk to one of our members. We'd love you to come, and want you to feel most welcome!