Our Staff is here to serve

Vital Preaching

People look for preaching that is practical and exciting. Our Pastor preaches what is vital to the life, forgiveness and salvation of sinners. Please click here for sermons that faithfully deliver God's Law and Gospel - in a friendly, practical, and vibrant way.

An Early Start

Our Principal has helped form a school that provides the structure, nurture, education and love children need. Please click here for more about our school.

Help for Life

God knits many people together in the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus. Though we are a small congregation, we have many gifted and loving people. If you need help - let us know. The Church does not exist to be a financial safety net when people have been irresponsible or lazy. But God serves us with His unmerited forgiveness, that we might turn and serve our neighbor in love. Please, come let us help. Come, learn to live in faith from God's Gifts, that you too might be of service to others.

Shepherd's Staff

We often get phone calls from people needing counselling services. Our pastor is not a trained clincical counselor, but he is happy to serve his neighbor in love. Do you need to hear the Gospel? Are you dealing with guilt and fear, with problems in your marriage, work, school or personal life? Pastor Sawyer is happy to apply God's Law and Gospel to the aches and pains of daily living. Deaconess Carder is available if you need help from the perspective of a Christian and godly woman.

Please call us at (601) 992-4752

Our Staff

Pastor Sawyer

Our pastor is Rev. J. Richard Sawyer. We call him Pastor Sawyer. He is our shepherd and father in the Faith. Click here to learn about our Pastor, read his sermons, and link to other cool Lutheran stuff.

Carolyn is not only our Pastor's wife and the mother of two beautiful girls. She is our church organist and choir director, the director of our school and one of our teachers. Click here to learn more about our School and what it offers to children.

Deaconess Emily Carder is our resident lay theologian, who specializes in teaching our school's upper grade class! She is married to John and has two children.Click here to visit Deaconess Carder's blogsite.

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