Underlying everything we do is the conviction that God's promises in Christ are for little children also! We have chapel daily, in which children and adults hear the Good News of Jesus! Children memorize Bible verses and learn to consider life in view of Christ's Faith.


We are committed to a classical model of Christian education. In K4 and K5, that means we are structured about the education we provide, aiming to help children gain confidence through the mastery of fundamental, core knowledge and skills. Early readers from Veritas Press help underscore our classical approach. In First Grade, we begin to teach Latin, which continues through the upper grades.


We pride ourselves in being able to give personalized attention to students. We have a great student-teacher ratio, and plan on maintaining that, no matter how large we grow!

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Our School: GSLS

Good Shepherd Lutheran School

is proud to provide a quality Christian education

to the children of our church and community.

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We believe strongly in the importance of raising up children in the blessings and promises of God in Christ Jesus. People ask us if we teach "Lutheran" doctrine! Our answer? Of COURSE we do! Spend some time on our web site, and you will see why we believe the teachings of the Lutheran Church are exactly what children - and their families - need!


We use Abeka and Veritas for phonics, reading and math with our K4's.


We use Phonics Museum from Veritas Press for phonics and reading. We continue to use Abeka for math with our K5 students. Art and music are also part of the curriculum.

First Grade

Phonics Museum continues in the 1st Grade. We begin using Saxon for Math. We use the Shurley method for grammar and introduce Latin in a simple way, building a foundation for language, history and literary appreciation. Art and music are also part of the curriculum.

Second through Fifth Grades

Shurley continues in the upper grades, as does Saxon Math. Veritas is used for world history. We continue more rigorously with Latin as the years progress, working toward admission to the National Latin Exam when ready. Students who have been with us from K4 on are generally ready for testing in NLE by the 4th grade. Science, art and music are also part of the curriculum.

We believe that children learn best in a loving yet structured environment. Positive self-esteem grows as a result of incremental mastery of knowledge and skills. The best education is one in which children learn the skills and delight of learning, growing into thoughtful, wise and pious young Christian men and women. That is our aim at Good Shepherd. We hope you will consider us.

+ Full or Half-Day options for K-4.

+ After school care available until 6 p.m.

+ Warm lunches may be purchased, or bring a lunch!

+ 10 or 12 month payment options!

Please call (601) 992-4752 and ask to speak with our Director, Carolyn Sawyer

You may also email us.