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Meet Our Pastor

We call him Pastor Sawyer. He's our shepherd, our father in the Faith. He's a sinner, like the rest of us, and has spent the past twenty years showing how he too must live from the same forgiveness he delivers in the Word and Sacraments.

He's from Florida originally, but finished college at Concordia Lutheran University in Austin, TX, where he met the bride of his youth, Carolyn. They married and moved to St. Louis, where he finished his seminary education, receiving a Masters of Divinity from Concordia Lutheran Seminary. The two moved to the Reservoir area in 1987, with their first child on the way. Their first daughter, Jessica, was born and baptized that year. Their second daughter, Emily, was born and baptized in 1989.

Pastor Sawyer serves among us with God's Word and Holy Sacraments. He typically preaches two different sermons every Sunday, teaches our Bible Class, instructs those who desire to be confirmed in the Faith, and serves before God's Altar, absolving repentant sinners of their sins. He provides the Holy Sacrament of Jesus' Flesh and Blood to those who have been examined and absolved, visits our sick and dying, and counsels God's people with the comfort of the Gospel. He also teaches Latin to our school children, and conducts Matins daily and Vespers every Wednesday. He'd be glad to speak with you about the Faith, by which God brings the comfort of His promises in Jesus. Please use this page to keep up with some of Pastor's preaching and teaching. And do feel free to contact him with concerns about health, marriage, guilt and the cares of this life.

Call Pastor Sawyer at (601) 992-4752, or email him. His full name is Pastor Rick Sawyer, but we just call him "Pastor." Please contact him, as he'd be glad to speak with you.