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The Christian Book of Concord

published by the Henkel Brothers

in 1854!

The Henkel Book of Concord, long out of print and selling on the internet for hundreds of dollars even in poor condition, is not only an excellent translation of the Confessions of Christ’s Church, it is the only complete translation of the German Book of Concord of 1580 into English! Later translations make use of the Latin translation of the Concordia, completed in 1584, usually emphasizing the Latin when it is thought to be the language of original composition…but it was to the German edition of 1580 that the Lutherans first pledged themselves, and many church constitutions still reflect this, citing “The Book of Concord of 1580” as their standard of doctrine.

Thus, it seemed good to us at both to return this volume to printed circulation and to make it available as a downloadable and searchable file for your computer. We are working with Repristination Press to bring the print edition into being, but the electronic edition is ready now! By following our easy online ordering process, you can download your copy today.*

A Note about this first electronic edition: it is a first edition, so there may well be some typographical or formatting errors, just as a first edition of any book might have. Yet, order without fear: we will not merely offer you a list of errors that we find, but will upgrade you to the second edition for free. Indeed, we hope to have the second electronic edition ready to post by the end of January, 2009. Why get yours now, then? Because once we are satisfied with the book itself, we will be adding features to the searchable (PDF) document…and dollars to the suggested donation amount.

“Did he say, ‘donation’?” Yes, I did: the electronic edition of the Henkel Book of Concord is ‘donationware’…it was not commercially produced and is not being offered ‘commercially’. It was a labor of love by over 120 volunteers who wanted to help bring two things about: an increased study and comprehension of the Lutheran Confessions and the training of pastors in Sri Lanka. To that end, we ask you to donate $15.80 or more to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church’s “Sri Lanka Fund,” with download access and a license to use this ebook being our ‘thank you’ gift to you for doing so.

Ready to get started? Simply choose a link (below) to go to either the pay-by-check or pay-by-debit/credit card or paypal page.

In either case, make sure that you enter your correct email address, so that we can tell you when the next edition is ready for download. (Your email address won't be sold or given to anyone else.) Also, be sure to indicate your desire (non-binding) to order a hardback copy of this book; then, when we get to the pre-ordering stage, we will contact you so that you can reserve your copy.

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*If you donate by PayPal or a credit/debit card, you will be able to click a link that takes you to the download site; if you pay by check delivered by mail, your order form will be processed as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours), so that you can download the file before your check is physically received.


God’s Grace in Liturgy and Life

New — Second Edition!

Gottesdienst: God’s Grace in Liturgy and Life (written by the Rev. Eric J. Stefanski) is a workbook designed for junior or adult catechesis, in which the liturgy of the Divine Service (specifically, “The Order of the Holy Communion,” p. 15, from The Lutheran Hymnal) is the point of departure for each lesson’s consideration of God’s Word.

The course covers the same ground that most ‘explanations’ of Luther’s Small Catechism do, and then some. Its 138 pages (twenty-two lessons and three review chapters) provide a thoroughgoing instruction in the chief articles of the Christian faith, using a combination of liturgical investigation, consideration of the chief texts establishing points of doctrine (the sedes doctrinae), provision for the discussion of longer Biblical narratives, scheduled memorization of the Small Catechism, review questions, and summary quotations of the Book of Concord for each chapter.

Several samples from the material are available for your perusal:

From the Introduction (90k)
Lesson 2: The Invocation, pt., 1 (147k)
An Exercise in Law and Gospel (53k)
Lesson 11: The Absolution, pt. 2 (135k)
Lesson 14: How to Regard the Bible (164k)
Lesson 16: The Office of the Ministry, pt. 2 (197k)

and a comprehensive review of the first edition by the Worship Committee of the Wyoming District of the LCMS is available for you, as well.

You may purchase the right to download the entire book in .pdf form (about a 680k download) for individual, family, or congregational use. An individual purchase allows you to view the .pdf file and to print it out for yourself. A family purchase allows you to view it and to print copies for your household, regardless of size. A congregational purchase allows you to reprint this edition as often as your congregation needs.

All purchases include access to our email or web discussions, which will be the chief venue for customer service, as well as supplementary materials for your research and teaching assistance. Through these means, we will assist you in your use of these materials and, we hope, gain from you ideas on how to make this workbook even more useful.

Our current pricing is as follows:
Gottesdienst Individual License: $15.00
Gottesdienst Family License: $25.00
Gottesdienst Congregation License: $350.00 Introductory Offer: $300

To order Gottesdienst: God's Grace in Liturgy and Life, click the appropriate “Add to Cart” button, below or see the instructions below for paying by check.

Your transaction will be handled through PayPal’s secure server. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, including debit cards, as well as payments from PayPal accounts. The transaction itself is processed through PayPal, and will take place on a site hosted by them on a secure server using Secure Sockets Layer technology. If you want to use a credit card or debit card, look for “If you do not currently have a PayPal account” on the Checkout page, and click the button there to continue. (They’ll invite you to sign up for a PayPal account, which is handy, but you don’t have to do so to purchase Gottesdienst: God’s Grace in Liturgy and Life!)

Be sure to click the button on PayPal’s payment confirmation screen that brings you back to our website, as the page you are returned to will be the one from which you download the book!

   Individual Gottesdienst License: $15.00
   Family Gottesdienst License: $25.00
   Congregational Gottesdienst License: $350.00 Introductory Offer: $300

To pay by CHECK, make your check out to: The Rev. Eric J. Stefanski, and in the memo write “Book” and your email address (so I can email you with instructions for how to get your book!). Send the check to:
Rev. Eric J. Stefanski
5933 Floyd Lee Rd.
Harrison, AR 72601

There is, at present, no availability of this book in pre-printed hard copy, but such is under consideration. There will be an announcement via CAT 41 Update if such occurs. (Send any email to to subscribe to the CAT 41 Update mail list.)

Please note that we are not affiliated with the liturgical journal, Gottesdienst.


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