Confession Is . . .

I. More than a one-way street!

People like to say, "Confession is good for the soul." They mean that it's good to get things off of your chest. That's hardly what Confession means in the Church! Link back here after the New Year for more on how Christian Confession is more than just US talking to God. It's repentant sinners confessing their sins, but it's ALSO and most importantly, God speaking back to us His forgiveness through the mouth of the pastor.

II. How many? How often?

Link back here after the New Year for more on how Christians live from the Sacrament of Holy Absolution.

III. Binding and loosing in John 20.

Link back here after the New Year for more on the Office of the Keys and how sins are both bound and loosed in the life of the Church.

IV. Who can forgive sins?

Link back here after the New Year for more on the way that God forgives sins - not only through the pastor, but how those who live from Christ's forgiveness also speak forgiveness to each other. Learn that people had problems with Jesus forgiving sins, and people complain about pastors doing the same thing today. People simply don't understand the Gospel. No wonder people are quicker to cut each other off and go their seperate ways than they are to humbly submit to God's forgiveness, and then forgive as they have been forgiven!

As We Forgive Others

Could you imagine hearing your child apologize through her tears, saying, "I'm sorry for breaking your favorite vase"?

Could you imagine hearing that, and then . . .SAYING NOTHING?

Of course not. When our children - or almost anyone else, for that matter - come to us with tears, confessing their faults and failings, even their sins, we don't remain silent. We speak. In fact, in one way or another, we say . . ."I forgive you."

It is beyond the realm of reason that a Christian would leave another person in silence, when that person needs an audible word of forgiveness. Yet many Christians are offended that God makes sure HIS children are never without the hearing of those comforting words . . ."I forgive you all your sins."

Please return after the New Year for more on the comfort we Lutherans have in the fact that God forgives OUR sins in His Church, by the mouth of our pastor, just . . .

As We Forgive Others

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